Monday, April 16, 2007

Luke Elijah Malcolm

Luke Elijah Malcolm was born yesterday at midday (Sunday 15th April). He is happy and healthy, and mum, dad, and big sister are all thrilled. To the left is a picture of Bec, Cara, and Luke...
Bec is doing well, and getting frequent visits from Matt and Cara. Cara is very proud, and so far, very gentle with her little brother.

At birth, Luke weighed 3.13kg, and measured 48cm. His favourite hobbies are feeding, sleeping, and... well that's all so far. He occasionally opens his eyes and looks around, and occasionally cries, but he plans to develop more hobbies in the future.

Luke's favourite fashion items include blue beanies and white cloths...

...And soon after Luke was born, Matt made a celebratory coffee or two...


trailblazer777 said...
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trailblazer777 said...
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trailblazer777 said...

Congratulations on the birth of Luke Elijah. Fruitfully multiplying...

My wife Kathryn has a baby boy on the way too, due late July at this stage.
As do a few others at our church.

Been catching up with the Grave Forsaken christian thrash metal guys every now and then in the last year or so (they opened for Mortification, and played at Black Stump in Sydney last year, and opened for Death and Desire a few times while they were here as part of the YWAM sponsored World Impact thing last month)
Skippy who you know on Bass.
Matt and the lead vocals Vaughan were at my wedding last year.

Congratulations on the OUTSTANDING academic progress and all the best with the exciting nottingham venture.

May Gods Kingdom truly be advanced greatly through this incredible opportunity that you are exploring.

Little Jon *LOL*

mattnbec said...

Hi Jon,

Congrats on the baby news. Hope it all goes well for you and Kathryn.

Thanks for your good wishes re the whole Nottingham venture.


Marty said...

Dear Bac and Matt,

Congratulations on the birth of Luke! Praise God for this wonderful gift.



Sarah said...

Hi Matt and Bec
It's nice to find out you blog. I found my way here by following a trail from somewhere or other. Congrats on the birth of Luke. He looks very trendy in his white cloth ;)

mattnbec said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanx re Luke. As for the white cloth, he's outgrown his white cloth phase now - he complained that it was SO April 07!

It's funny how you find other bloggers by lurking around and then make discoveries! Nice to read your blog too.

See you at CCC on Sunday :-)

Sarah said...

Hahaha - I wonder what Luke reckons is SO May 07....

Yeah I heard you guys were coming to CCC this Sunday. I'll miss seeing you unfortunately cos I'll be in Albany. Enjoy your visit and no doubt I'll see you around - at Micky and Corinne's wedding for sure :)