Thursday, April 12, 2007

April Update

No - Mixolidian Flip (the temporary name of the unborn baby) hasn't arrived yet!

But in the meantime we've got around to sorting out some of the support stuff. We now have:
  • A nice glossy brochure (thanks, Jen for the design!)
  • A form you can fill in to let us know if you're interested in supporting us while we're in Nottingham
  • A bank account for depositing Nottingham support money into.

On a negative note, we have heard that the university will not be forwarding Matt's research project for consideration for an Overseas Research Scholarship, despite an extremely positive reference from Prof Thiselton. We have been told that competition was extremely fierce and have been encouraged to apply for this type of funding next year. So if you're a pray-er, please pray with us that there might be a positive response from other funding avenues.

Expect the next update to include information about Mixolidian's birth and a new name for him/her!

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