Sunday, November 2, 2008

funding update

Last week we received news that the Gospel Partners Trust, a UK organisation, has agreed to give us £4,000 for 2008-9, having already given us £4,000 for 2007-8. This is great news, and we are very pleased that GPT find our vision worth supporting.

However, our most recent calculations envisage that we will be $20,000 AUD short for the year 2008-9. This is, of course, a concern. We are pursuing a number of things to try to fill that gap: We have booked ourselves in for a funding seminar in January; we are beginning the process of applying for funding from another UK Christian organisation; we have enlisted the help of a friend at church who has some useful ideas; we have information about applying for at least one new scholarship for the 2009-10 period; and we are actively looking into other possibilities that might help.

We are very grateful to those who are making this venture possible, and ask that if you can think of any other ways in which we might be able to make sure the money doesn't run out, you let us know. We also continue to value your prayers.