Thursday, July 19, 2007

What will we do after we finish?

Our big vision is to see quality, passionate theological education built up in areas that are currently least resourced in this way. In particular, we're interested in seeing theological education continue to develop in our own part of the world - Australa/Asia...

But what's the best way for us to make a contribution? At this point, we're not sure. We want to remain open to what God might do... Perhaps some possibilities for our future might include:
- Returning to Australia to teach in a theological institution here
- Moving to another less-resourced part of the world to teach in a theological institution
- Teaching in a theological institution in the UK or elsewhere that draws and financially supports students from needy parts of the world

So that's what our thinking is at the moment, but who knows what God might have in store... We'll be interested to hear others' ideas and suggestions as that time approaches.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fee Bursary Awarded

Good news... At the recommendation of the University department, the School of Humanities has awarded Matt a "Fee Bursary" - which lowers the first year fees from the international student level down to the UK student level. This is worth 2,200 pounds! One important question remains: Do computers in the UK have a "pounds" sign above the number 4 button, instead of the $ sign?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Preparing to Travel

It's now about two and a half months until we leave, and a number of things have been happening as we look ahead to our time in Nottingham...
  • We now have our passports, complete with the obligatory embarassing photos
  • We have just shipped off 15 boxes of clothes, toys, appliances, linen, kitchen items and even the oil painting that used to have pride of place in our entry hall. These things should arrive about the same time as we do, and will be delivered to our door.
  • We have been doing the "background" things that will enable us to get visas, such as meeting with the bank manager to discuss financial things, and sorting out our rental contract in Nottingham
  • We have completed our barista training, and now have two fancy certificates, proudly displayed in the bottom drawer of our desk
  • We have applied for funding from a Christian organisation that supports projects like ours - and will find out about the results later this year
  • We have booked our plane tickets, and are in the process of trying to explain to Cara that we will all soon be travelling inside one of those little things that flies through the sky
  • We have been buying cold-weather clothes!!

Over the next little while we hope to update the blog with some upcoming events...