Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Family Visit and funding update

The day before yesterday we answered the doorbell to find Jeremy, Dom, and Doyle on our doorstep, looking all forlorn and in need of a place to stay. So we took pity on them and told them they could stay in our ramshackle shed out the back. They were not amused, and are currently staying in our guest bedroom. At first, Cara was very timid, but she now seems to be enjoying having them stay here. Doyle and Luke are getting on well.... Luke is the one on the left.

Yesterday we all went to see Nottingham Castle. At the base of the castle, built into the cliff face is the oldest pub in the (known) UNIVERSE, called "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inne." It is called this because the medieval crusaders stopped off there on their way to Jerusalem. I think it would only have fitted about 4 crusaders at a time, because it also vies for the title of tiniest pub in the universe. We had some "crisps" there and moved on...

We have also just received news that we have been awarded 4,000 pounds toward our study costs from the Gospel Partners Trust, a UK-based group that seeks to fund projects like ours. This is a great blessing, and means that we are now, I think, only about $10,000AUD short of our needs for our first year... great news!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bec, Cara, and Luke

So what have Bec, Cara and Luke been up to?

On Monday and Thursday mornings, we have been going along to Under Fives. This is a playgroup run at the church. The Monday group is quite busy and noisy with lots of kids running around. Thursdays are quieter and more relaxed. The Monday group in particular has a number of non-church families who come along, including grandparents and dads who bring the kids.

On Wednesdays, we've been a part of the Bethany Group at church. This is a Ladies' Bible study. At the moment we're looking at Colossians, but there are also weeks where we spend time praying for missionaries, talking about the books we're reading and other things. During the Bible study, there's a creche which the kids have been involved in. Both Cara and Luke have settled into this really well (and likewise on Sundays at church). Morning tea is served afterwards and has been a great chance to get to know some of the ladies who aren't at Under Fives.

As a result of these activities (as well as the church services on Sundays, of course!) we're getting to know people really quickly. We've felt very welcomed into the life of the church, and also into people's homes. Cara is loving being with the other kids and is quickly making friends. A few days ago we went shopping with another family and she and their little boy, Josiah, played in the toy section together, held hands while we walked and carried one of my new shoes each to the checkout. Today, we met one of the church families at Highlands Park, a part of the university, to feed ducks, play in the playground and have morning tea in the cafe there. Cara and their little girl (Kezia - pictured here with mum, Jude, Matt and Cara) fed ducks, ran, played, ran, got dirty and ran some more. They're fast becoming good friends. Kezia's dad, Andy, is a CU staffworker here and a PhD Theology student at uni. It's been great getting to know them and Jude (mum) and Elisheva (4 months).

On top of these things, we have a shopping mall around the corner which includes most shops you can think of including a fruit and veg market on Fridays and Saturdays. Not having a car means we do more frequent smaller shops here. These are usually completed with the obligatory visit to "Cara's Park" - Broadgate Park, which is opposite the end of our street.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


This week has been great for the research. For one thing, we have finally had the opportunity to meet Anthony Thiselton! Anthony and Rosemary Thiselton came to our home for morning tea the other day. They are a lovely couple. They very kindly gave us a much-needed high chair, some apples from their tree, some other things for the children, and directions to a nearby nature reserve. Of course, Anthony also gave me some continued valuable feedback and guidance with my research. He has a huge amount of knowledge in my field of interest, but comes across as interested and helpful, rather than intimidating.

Here's where it all takes place: This is the central and most recognisable building of the university: The Trent Building. Research students in theology seem to have pride of place, sharing a quiet study room on the top floor, just to the right of the clocktower.