Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trip to Greece!

After a shaky start (pouring with rain, late at night, GPS not working, major car crash, police station, then finally arriving at hotel), we have had a great 8-day trip to Greece. We spent four days based in Corinth and four days based in Athens. We went to numerous archaeological sites, several museums, took about 700 photos, bought lots of informative books, ate Greek food, and squeezed in a few holiday-type things too! It was a really valuable time for Matt's research, as well as a fun and interesting break for us as a family. Here are some photos:

Above you can see the distinctive remains of the Temple of Apollo, a central feature of Ancient Corinth.Real live Greek food!... well not live
The beach at Loutraki, where we were staying (just out of Corinth)

The cliff over which our car was perched in the accident, having been hit at a high speed and spun around!

For many more of our pictures, you can go to where photos are being posted each day in the lead up to Easter, illuminating the themes of 1 Corinthians.


Sarah said...

I would LOVE to visit those places :)

Bec said...

Wondering when you were going to update! Love the pic of the kids on the beach 'what? a beach with rocks on it????' though I guess they are getting used to it!
See my profile pic? Zoe took that in Greece too!

Kaye said...

I really really love the pics - the one of the cliff is scary!