Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from Australia

Well, we're back in Nottingham. Back to uni, pre-school, playgroup and all the other events that were in recess when we left. Back to increasingly cold temperatures and central heating. And back to colds and various other sicknesses. But it's been good to be back and settled into normal life again (and good to know that we don't have to do those loooong plane trips again for quite a while).

But it was also good being in Perth. Here are a few pictures to tell the story of our time in Perth:

The Wedding...

The Happy Couple, Andrew and Breony, Bec's parents (Richard and Rosemary) and ourselves. It was a lovely day and great to be able to celebrate with Andrew and Bre. The kids loved blowing bubbles at the reception and playing with Bre's nephews. Cara keeps saying "Like Aunty Bre!" whenever we see a bride or a photo of a wedding. Thanks for giving us an excuse to come back guys ;-).

Matt's Lecture...
Matt (he's the one behind the lecturn!) gave a lecture as a part of Trinity Theological College's "Works in Progress" series. The talk was about the 'textual history' of 1 Corinthians, exploring the way that this letter was first published and used as Christian Scripture.

Catching up...
We really enjoyed catching up with friends from church, uni days, Trinity Theol and other areas. We feel like we spent a lot of time catching up with people and, in the process, is a good thing that airlines weigh your baggage when you check in rather than you because we ate so much it's almost certain we were heavier when we left Perth than we were upon arrival.

It was good to be able to spend time letting supporters know a bit about the last year in person and catching up with other people's news.

Of course, we spent most of our catch-up time with family. The kids enjoyed spending time with Granny and Grandpa and Nanna and Pa, being spoilt. We enjoyed the opportunity to go out on a couple of 'dates' too. The other highlight for them was playing with their cousins - Ethan (below, with Luke), Doyle and Holly (below, with Cara).
For those who are interested and on Facebook, Bec will post some more photos from our trip on her profile (eventually).

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