Friday, January 11, 2008


Late December and Early January are a time of great celebrating in the Malcolm houshold. Below are some photos from the various celebrations.

Firstly, Christmas...

Cara and her 'little piano'

Luke looking cheeky in his Christmas outfit. He hated the hat falling into his eyes, but would pull at it until it did!

All four of us after church.

Secondly, we celebrated our Tenth Wedding Anniversary on 27th December.

Cara and Luke played with Josiah and Grace while Mummy and Daddy had a nice afternoon tea together sans children.

Thirdly, Bec's Birthday. What a flattering pic as she blows out the candles! Can you guess how old she turned?

And finally, on 4th Janury, we celebrated Cara's third birthday.

Cara trying out her new laptop...thinking she's very clever having one just like Daddy and Mummy's.

After playing at a local play centre, we had birthday lunch. Here's Cara at her new table and chairs with friends, Kezia and Josiah.

The following day, Cara had a "Tweenies" birthday party which we held at the church.
Cara's birthday cake - Milo, from TV show "The Tweenies".

Tweenies party decorations, including our very own Tweenie clock

All the kids waiting for party food

Do you think Cara had fun at her party?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas, anniversary and birthdays. Thankyou for sharing your celebrations with us.
Love MvdK