Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cara and Luke

One of Cara's latest passions is "helping" to cook. She tries to drag a chair over to the bench, gets frustrated because they're so heavy, squeals and demands help. Once she's on the chair, she stirs, pushes microwave buttons, pours in ingredients, tastes everything and tries valiantly to get burned. When Daddy comes home Cara proclaims proudly "Look what I cooked!", even when she's simply pushed some jam around on a slice of bread.

Another thing Cara's been up to is drawing. Sometimes on paper. All too often on herself, occasionally on her shoes, her brother (especially his face) and the wall. However, her real graphic achievement has been learning to draw faces...eyes, noses and mouths. They're still all in funny places, but it's a start. Her first picture was of Milo, a character from one of her favourite TV shows here - The Tweenies.

Meanwhile Luke is now almost 7 months. He's finally decided to choke down the occasional mouthful of solids. He's hardly a voracious eater, but he's at least beginning to tolerate being fed baby-mush. Especially if it's fruit. He already despises vegetables.

He's also started grasping things, so he's now able to play with toys more. This morning he even grabbed his dummy and managed to put it in his own mouth twice.
However, the trick Luke is really pleased to have learned is sitting up. He's been able to sit for a number of weeks now, but he didn't stay up for long. Cara would always get so excited about him sitting up that she'd hug him and he'd fall. Alternatively she'd push him over or he'd lean away from her and fall. Now he's stable enough to sit better by himself, Cara finds him sitting more boring and a friend has loaned us a curved pillow to put behind him.


Nadine said...

I'm glad to hear Luke is getting a bit better with his solids.

As a side note, did you know this web site determines what language to show me by looking up my IP address? I hope I know this site well enough that I don't have to read the content in Portuguese.


Jess said...

He he, Cara's version of cooking sounds exactly like Ash's.

Kylie said...

The kids look so big!! Cara cooks just like my girls!