Thursday, October 11, 2007


This week has been great for the research. For one thing, we have finally had the opportunity to meet Anthony Thiselton! Anthony and Rosemary Thiselton came to our home for morning tea the other day. They are a lovely couple. They very kindly gave us a much-needed high chair, some apples from their tree, some other things for the children, and directions to a nearby nature reserve. Of course, Anthony also gave me some continued valuable feedback and guidance with my research. He has a huge amount of knowledge in my field of interest, but comes across as interested and helpful, rather than intimidating.

Here's where it all takes place: This is the central and most recognisable building of the university: The Trent Building. Research students in theology seem to have pride of place, sharing a quiet study room on the top floor, just to the right of the clocktower.


Ash Smith said...

Hey Malcolms Aka Mec, Cara and Cara II,

Great to hear about all that is happening in nottingham. Hope all are well


Stephen Oh said...

Hi Malcolms,

Just had a look through your blog.
Great to see God had arranged everything just right for you guys. Making study fun will seem like a miracle for some of the kids starting 4th Term school tomorrow. Also can't believe that JP managed to get a street named after him! :)
Good to be able to keep up with your happenings.

trailblazer777 said...

Excellent photos.
Sounds great.
Thanks for comment.
Settled into the "real marathon" *LOL* :-) now, with Jacob up to 11 weeks, getting used to the constant big responsibility, new challenges, incredibily fantastic moments and hard yakka. Its all good. Ran one of those easier/shorter (in some ways) marathons the other day, the Melbourne marathon.

Praise God! for the blessings you have been given, hope you continue to enjoy the new opportunities and being a shining light of biblical theology alongside the large number of theology philosophists.

mattnbec said...

Hi all... thanks for your comments - it's great to see that our blog isn't getting lost in cyberspace! We're missing our family and friends in Australia, so it's good to hear from you :-)