Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Family Visit and funding update

The day before yesterday we answered the doorbell to find Jeremy, Dom, and Doyle on our doorstep, looking all forlorn and in need of a place to stay. So we took pity on them and told them they could stay in our ramshackle shed out the back. They were not amused, and are currently staying in our guest bedroom. At first, Cara was very timid, but she now seems to be enjoying having them stay here. Doyle and Luke are getting on well.... Luke is the one on the left.

Yesterday we all went to see Nottingham Castle. At the base of the castle, built into the cliff face is the oldest pub in the (known) UNIVERSE, called "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inne." It is called this because the medieval crusaders stopped off there on their way to Jerusalem. I think it would only have fitted about 4 crusaders at a time, because it also vies for the title of tiniest pub in the universe. We had some "crisps" there and moved on...

We have also just received news that we have been awarded 4,000 pounds toward our study costs from the Gospel Partners Trust, a UK-based group that seeks to fund projects like ours. This is a great blessing, and means that we are now, I think, only about $10,000AUD short of our needs for our first year... great news!!!

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